Dachshunds Lovers!!

Hi Everyone, Welcome to dacshundhomeshere.com ! We breed and raise the Awesome Dachshunds . We Specialise in the Exotic Colors! We have Black, Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, Blue & Tan, Chocolate & Cream, Cream, Tan, Red. Coming soon “Blue & Chocolate Merles”. Our Dachshunds range from 5 to 20 pounds. We offer a 1 yr. Guarantee. All of our puppies come Microchipped for our customers. We stand behind our puppies health 100%. All the pictures you see on the website are dogs and puppies that have came from  dacshundhomeshere.com!!

Our puppy health guarantee covers all hereditary and congenital disorders which adversely affect the health of the puppy (and that were not disclosed at the time of purchase) for 1 year following the original purchase date. If, within 1 year of the original purchase date, a licensed veterinarian certifies that the puppy was unfit for purchase due to a congenital or hereditary disorder which adversely affects the health of the puppy, the client will be afforded the right to return the puppy for a full refund, exchange the puppy for another puppy of equivalent value, or keep the puppy and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary expenses (for necessary treatments and/or services related to the attempt to cure or curing of the puppy) not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy. The client has 2 business days to notify US that the puppy was found to be unfit for purchase and to present written certification by a licensed veterinarian. For further details about our 1-year congenital and hereditary disorder guarantee, please contact us to adopt your dream puppy.

*****Free shipping is available*****
We currently have coupons from our shipping agent to ship 3 puppies at no extra cost. So, if you purchase your puppy while these coupons are still available and valid, we will be able to ship your puppy for free. Otherwise, shipping will cost an addition $250.